Filename: zoobiquity.pdf
ISBN: 0307477436
Release Date: 2013
Number of pages: 398
Author: Barbara Natterson-Horowitz
Publisher: Vintage Books

Download and read online Zoobiquity in PDF and EPUB Draws on a wide range of disciplines to explore the parallels between humans and animals and what nature can teach about the human mind and body, sharing case studies about animal and human commonalities to explain new developments in health care.

Wir sind Tier

Filename: wir-sind-tier.pdf
ISBN: 9783641111137
Release Date: 2014-10-20
Number of pages: 448
Author: Barbara Natterson-Horowitz
Publisher: Albrecht Knaus Verlag

Download and read online Wir sind Tier in PDF and EPUB Eine völlig neue Sicht auf unsere bepelzten und gefiederten Verwandten Klinisch depressive Gorillas, Rennmäuse, die sich nachts heimlich vollfressen, und von halluzinogenen Pilzen betörte Rentiere. Die Tiere, die im Urwald, im Meer oder in unserer Wohnung leben, werden manchmal krank an Leib und Seele – genau wie wir. Tierärzte sehen und behandeln diese Erkrankungen bei einer Vielzahl verschiedener Arten, und die meisten Humanmediziner ignorieren das bis heute. Das ist ein riesiger blinder Fleck, denn wir könnten die Gesundheit aller Arten verbessern, wenn wir wüssten, wie Tiere in ihrem natürlichen Umfeld leben und sterben, krank und wieder gesunde werden.

The Clinic and the Court

Filename: the-clinic-and-the-court.pdf
ISBN: 9781316299654
Release Date: 2015-04-30
Number of pages:
Author: Ian Harper
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online The Clinic and the Court in PDF and EPUB Law and medicine can be caught in a tight embrace. They both play a central role in the politics of harm, making decisions regarding what counts as injury and what might be the most suitable forms of redress or remedy. But where do law and medicine converge and diverge in their responses to and understandings of harm and suffering? Using empirical case studies from Europe, the Americas and Africa, The Clinic and the Court brings together leading medical and legal anthropologists to explore this question.

Animal Madness

Filename: animal-madness.pdf
ISBN: 9781451627022
Release Date: 2014-06-10
Number of pages: 384
Author: Laurel Braitman
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online Animal Madness in PDF and EPUB **“Science Friday” Summer Reading Pick** **Discover magazine Top 5 Summer Reads** **People magazine Best Summer Reads** “A lovely, big-hearted book…brimming with compassion and the tales of the many, many humans who devote their days to making animals well” (The New York Times). Have you ever wondered if your dog might be a bit depressed? How about heartbroken or homesick? Animal Madness takes these questions seriously, exploring the topic of mental health and recovery in the animal kingdom and turning up lessons that Publishers Weekly calls “Illuminating…Braitman’s delightful balance of humor and poignancy brings each case of life….[Animal Madness’s] continuous dose of hope should prove medicinal for humans and animals alike.” Susan Orlean calls Animal Madness “a marvelous, smart, eloquent book—as much about human emotion as it is about animals and their inner lives.” It is “a gem…that can teach us much about the wildness of our own minds” (Psychology Today).

Posthumanism and Educational Research

Filename: posthumanism-and-educational-research.pdf
ISBN: 9781317668619
Release Date: 2014-09-25
Number of pages: 218
Author: Nathan Snaza
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Posthumanism and Educational Research in PDF and EPUB Focusing on the interdependence between human, animal, and machine, posthumanism redefines the meaning of the human being previously assumed in knowledge production. This movement challenges some of the most foundational concepts in educational theory and has implications within educational research, curriculum design and pedagogical interactions. In this volume, a group of international contributors use posthumanist theory to present new modes of institutional collaboration and pedagogical practice. They position posthumanism as a comprehensive theoretical project with connections to philosophy, animal studies, environmentalism, feminism, biology, queer theory and cognition. Researchers and scholars in curriculum studies and philosophy of education will benefit from the new research agendas presented by posthumanism.

The Animal in Ottoman Egypt

Filename: the-animal-in-ottoman-egypt.pdf
ISBN: 9780199315277
Release Date: 2014-01
Number of pages: 315
Author: Alan Mikhail
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Download and read online The Animal in Ottoman Egypt in PDF and EPUB Animals in Ottoman Egypt examines the multiple changing relationships between humans and animals in a place that affords perhaps the longest documentary record of the human-animal relationship. Egypt was home to the world's first zoo (circa 2500 BCE), one of the oldest religions to incorporateanimal forms, and perhaps the first domesticated dogs. During the crucial centuries of Ottoman rule in Egypt between 1517 and 1882, the changing relationships between humans and animals were central to the transformation of Egypt from an early modern society fully ensconced in an Ottoman imperialsystem of rule to a nineteenth-century centralizing state. Egypt in this period transitioned from being an early modern world characterized primarily by intense human-animal interactions to being one in which this relationship was no longer the basis of commercial and social life. The results ofthis transition were a fundamental reordering of political, economic, social, and ecological power. This book thus seeks to explain one of the most important historical transitions of the last 500 years through the story of changes to one of the most historically significant of human relationships -those with other animals.This history also makes evident how what happened to animals in Ottoman Egypt would eventually happen to certain kinds of humans. Just as livestock, dogs, and elephants were stripped of their constructive social and economic functions in the early nineteenth century, so too were Egyptian peasants,the uneducated, the disabled, the poor, the sick, the criminal, and the itinerant cut out of the productive social and economic realms of Egypt later in the century. As their animal counterparts were confined in veterinary holding pens and the zoo, these humans would be subjected to similarnineteenth-century projects of enclosure - the prison, asylum, conscription camp, hospital, and school. As the social became more strictly, vigorously, and narrowly defined, fewer living human and nonhuman beings were given access to it and its borders came to be more intensely defended throughviolence, coercion, and discipline. Thus, Ottoman Egypt's transition to modernity was a wrenching and painful experience for most animals and humans alike. The story of what happened to the animal in Ottoman Egypt is also the story of what happened to the human - a story of the animal in all ofus.

The Age of the Horse

Filename: the-age-of-the-horse.pdf
ISBN: 9780857898999
Release Date: 2016-10-06
Number of pages: 418
Author: Susanna Forrest
Publisher: Atlantic Books

Download and read online The Age of the Horse in PDF and EPUB Man has always been fascinated by Equus caballus, recasting horse power into many forms: a hunk of meat, an industrial and agricultural machine, a luxury good, a cherished dancer, a comrade in arms and a symbol of a mythical past. From the wild tarpans sought by the Nazis to jade-laden treasure steeds in Ancient China, broken-down nags recycled into sausages and furniture stuffing, stallions that face fighting bulls and brewery horses that charmed the founder of the Sikh Empire, The Age of the Horse knits the history of the horse into that of humans, through revolution, war, social change and uneasy peace. It also uncovers new roles for the horse in the twenty-first century as a tool in the fight against climate change and as a therapist for soldiers damaged in unwinnable conflicts. In this captivating book, Susanna Forrest takes a journey through time and around the world, from the Mongolian steppes to a mirrored manège at Versailles, an elegant polo club in Beijing and a farm, a fort and an auction house in America, exploring the horse's crucial role and revealing how our culture and economy were generated, nourished and shaped by horse power and its gifts and limits.


Filename: heal.pdf
ISBN: 9781770908000
Release Date: 2015-10-01
Number of pages: 240
Author: Arlene Weintraub
Publisher: ECW Press

Download and read online Heal in PDF and EPUB Man's best friend could help cure man's greatest scourge Drawn from extensive research, on-the-ground reporting, and personal experience, this book explores the fascinating role dogs are playing in the search for cures for cancer. Learn how veterinarians and oncologists are working together to discover new treatments — cutting-edge therapies designed to help both dogs and people suffering from cancer. Heal introduces readers to the field of comparative oncology by describing several research projects aimed at finding new therapies for cancers that are similar in dogs and people, including lymphoma, osteosarcoma, breast cancer, melanoma, and gastric cancer. Weintraub, who lost her sister to gastric cancer, also writes about the emerging science behind the remarkable ability of dogs to sniff out early stage cancer and the efforts underway to translate that talent into diagnostic devices for early detection of the disease. In the course of bringing these dogs and their human companions to life, Weintraub takes her own personal journey from grief to healing, as she shows her readers how man's best friend might be the key to unlocking the mysteries of cancer.

Metabolomics and Microbiomics

Filename: metabolomics-and-microbiomics.pdf
ISBN: 9780128054505
Release Date: 2016-08-30
Number of pages: 144
Author: Vassilios Fanos
Publisher: Academic Press

Download and read online Metabolomics and Microbiomics in PDF and EPUB Metabolomics and Microbiomics: Personalized Medicine from the Fetus to the Adult encompasses the most recent advances on the usage of metabolomics and microbiome research to improve disease diagnosis and healthcare. Medicine is changing from epidemiologic, descriptive, reductionist, and reactive approaches to individualized, predictive, and holistic ones by applying microbiomics to understand the functionality of the human body. The book discusses topics such as systems biology approaches, omics technologies, perinatal programming, and personalized medicine. It also discusses the ethical implications of microbiomics research and new pathways of research, such as renal regenerative medicine, gender medicine in perinatology, and animals and the science of healing. The book is a valuable resource for medical professionals and researchers in metabolomics, nutrition, microbiology, and personalized-predictive medicine. The book also will appeal to non-specialized professionals who may take advantage of its captivating and simple language. Covers the latest scientific discoveries in order to improve health and early diagnosis of diseases Brings a holistic and perinatal programming approach—from fetus to adulthood—to early and long-term prevention of diseases Provides illustrations and diagrams to facilitate understanding for readers Discusses the ethical implications of microbiomics research and new pathways of research, such as renal regenerative medicine, gender medicine in perinatology, and animals and the science of healing

All About Science

Filename: all-about-science.pdf
ISBN: 9789814472944
Release Date: 2014-10-15
Number of pages: 456
Author: Maria Burguete
Publisher: World Scientific

Download and read online All About Science in PDF and EPUB There is a lot of confusion and misconception concerning science. The nature and contents of science is an unsettled problem. For example, Thales of 2,600 years ago is recognized as the father of science but the word science was introduced only in the 14th century; the definition of science is often avoided in books about philosophy of science. This book aims to clear up all these confusions and present new developments in the philosophy, history, sociology and communication of science. It also aims to showcase the achievement of China's top scholars in these areas. The 18 chapters, divided into five parts, are written by prominent scholars including the Nobel laureate Robin Warren, sociologist Harry Collins, and physicist-turned-historian Dietrich Stauffer. Contents:About Science 1: Basics — Knowledge, Nature, Science and Scimat (Lui Lam)About Science 2: Philosophy, History, Sociology and Communication (Lui Lam)Philosophy of Science:Towards a Phenomenological Philosophy of Science (Guo-Sheng Wu)The Predicament of Scientific Culture in Ancient China (Hong-Sheng Wang)What Do Scientists Know! (Nigel Sanitt)How to Deal with the Whole: Two Kinds of Holism in Methodology (Jin-Yang Liu)History of Science:Helicobactor: The Ease and Difficulty of a New Discovery (Robin Warren)Science in Victorian Era: New Observations on Two Old Theses (Dun Liu)Medical Studies in Portugal Around 1911 (Maria Burguete)The Founding of the International Liquid Crystal Society (Lui Lam)Sociology of Science:Three Waves in Science Studies (Harry Collins)Solitons and Revolution in China: 1978–1983 (Lui Lam)Scientific Culture in Contemporary China (Bing Liu and Mei-Fang Zhang)Communication of Science:Science Communication: A History and Review (Peter Broks)Popular-Science Writings in Early Modern China (Lin Yin)Other Science Matters:Understanding Art Through Science: From Socrates to the Contextual Brain (Kajsa Berg)Spy Video Games After 9/11: Narrative and Pleasure (Ting-Ting Wang)Statistical Physics for Humanities: A Tutorial (Dietrich Stauffer) Readership: Researchers and laypeople interested in science. Keywords:Science;Philosophy;Sociology;Communication

Bullies Revised

Filename: bullies-revised.pdf
ISBN: 9780757318078
Release Date: 2014-09-16
Number of pages: 312
Author: Jane Middelton-Moz
Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.

Download and read online Bullies Revised in PDF and EPUB From the boardrooms of corporate America to the bedrooms of middle America, bullying is occurring everywhere and is becoming more prevalent and increasingly dangerous. With in-depth case studies of bullies and those they bullied, this groundbreaking book is emotionally disturbing yet cathartic. It provides a true look at the problem of bullying and what can be done to stop it. Focusing on the three main environments where bullying occurs-on the playground, in relationships, and in the workplace-the authors provide concrete ways to diffuse bullying situations. They identify six bullying strategies with ways to counter each one and point out climates that encourage bullying behavior, as well as the factors that allow bullying to continue. Most importantly, the authors explain how to reach out to bullies, since without appropriate guidance and support, bullies will only continue to create fear and anxiety in others. Finally, the authors explore the innovative anti-bullying programs in place around the country, and offer advice to parents and educators about which programs are working-and which are not.

Combat Trauma and the Ancient Greeks

Filename: combat-trauma-and-the-ancient-greeks.pdf
ISBN: 9781137398864
Release Date: 2014-09-11
Number of pages: 310
Author: P. Meineck
Publisher: Springer

Download and read online Combat Trauma and the Ancient Greeks in PDF and EPUB This ground-breaking book applies trauma studies to the drama and literature of the ancient Greeks. Diverse essays explore how the Greeks responded to war and if what we now term "combat trauma," "post-traumatic stress," or "combat stress injury" can be discerned in ancient Greek culture.

Environmental Health

Filename: environmental-health.pdf
ISBN: 9781118988077
Release Date: 2016-02-09
Number of pages: 896
Author: Howard Frumkin
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Environmental Health in PDF and EPUB The bestselling environmental health text, with all new coverage of key topics Environmental Health: From Global to Local is a comprehensive introduction to the subject, and a contemporary, authoritative text for students of public health, environmental health, preventive medicine, community health, and environmental studies. Edited by the former director of the CDC's National Center for Environmental Health and current dean of the School of Public Health at the University of Washington, this book provides a multi-faceted view of the topic, and how it affects different regions, populations, and professions. In addition to traditional environmental health topics—air, water, chemical toxins, radiation, pest control—it offers remarkably broad, cross-cutting coverage, including such topics as building design, urban and regional planning, energy, transportation, disaster preparedness and response, climate change, and environmental psychology. This new third edition maintains its strong grounding in evidence, and has been revised for greater readability, with new coverage of ecology, sustainability, and vulnerable populations, with integrated coverage of policy issues, and with a more global focus. Environmental health is a critically important topic, and it reaches into fields as diverse as communications, technology, regulatory policy, medicine, and law. This book is a well-rounded guide that addresses the field's most pressing concerns, with a practical bent that takes the material beyond theory. Explore the cross-discipline manifestations of environmental health Understand the global ramifications of population and climate change Learn how environmental issues affect health and well-being closer to home Discover how different fields incorporate environmental health perspectives The first law of ecology reminds is that 'everything is connected to everything else.' Each piece of the system affects the whole, and the whole must sustain us all for the long term. Environmental Health lays out the facts, makes the connections, and demonstrates the importance of these crucial issues to human health and well-being, both on a global scale, and in our homes, workplaces, and neighborhoods.

Der K rper vergi t nicht

Filename: der-k-rper-vergi-t-nicht.pdf
ISBN: 3944476131
Release Date: 2015-06
Number of pages: 480
Author: Bessel van der Kolk

Download and read online Der K rper vergi t nicht in PDF and EPUB

Das unerh rte Leben des Alex Woods

Filename: das-unerh-rte-leben-des-alex-woods.pdf
ISBN: 3809026336
Release Date: 2014
Number of pages: 477
Author: Gavin Extence

Download and read online Das unerh rte Leben des Alex Woods in PDF and EPUB Eine Geschichte, die erzählt, wie besonders Freundschaft sein kann Alex Woods ist zehn Jahre alt, und er weiss, dass er nicht den konventionellsten Start ins Leben hatte. Er weiss auch, dass man sich mit einer hellseherisch begabten Mutter bei den Mitschülern nicht beliebt macht. Und Alex weiss, dass die unwahrscheinlichsten Ereignisse eintreten können - er trägt Narben, die das beweisen. Was Alex noch nicht weiss, ist, dass er in dem übellaunigen und zurückgezogen lebenden Mr. Peterson einen ungleichen Freund finden wird. Einen Freund, der ihm sagt, dass man nur ein einziges Leben hat und dass man immer die bestmöglichen Entscheidungen treffen sollte. Darum ist Alex, als er sieben Jahre später mit 113 Gramm Marihuana und einer Urne voller Asche an der Grenze in Dover gestoppt wird, einigermassen sicher, dass er das Richtige getan hat ... Gavin Extence, geboren 1982, wuchs in der englischen Grafschaft Lincolnshire in einem kleinen Dorf mit dem interessanten Namen Swineshead auf. In seiner Kindheit machte er eine kurze, aber glanzvolle Karriere als Schachspieler; er gewann zahlreiche nationale Turniere und reiste nach Moskau und St. Petersburg, um sich dort mit den besten jungen Denkern Russlands zu messen. Er gewann nur ein Spiel. Sein erster Roman "Das unerhörte Leben des Alex Woods oder warum das Universum keinen Plan hat" schlug in Grossbritannien ein wie ein Meteorit - Alex Woods eroberte die Herzen der Leser im Sturm und die Presse feierte den Roman als DIE Entdeckung des Jahres. Heute lebt Gavin Extence mit seiner Familie in Sheffield und schreibt an seinem zweiten Roman.