Filename: universe.pdf
ISBN: STANFORD:36105023689339
Release Date: 1988-01
Number of pages: 572
Author: Eric Chaisson
Publisher: Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Company

Download and read online Universe in PDF and EPUB

Workings of the universe

Filename: workings-of-the-universe.pdf
ISBN: UVA:X002284724
Release Date: 1991-06
Number of pages: 144
Publisher: Time Life Medical

Download and read online Workings of the universe in PDF and EPUB

The God Particle

Filename: the-god-particle.pdf
ISBN: 0618711686
Release Date: 1993
Number of pages: 434
Author: Leon M. Lederman
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Download and read online The God Particle in PDF and EPUB The world's foremost experimental physicist uses humor, metaphor, and storytelling to delve into the mysteries of matter, discussing the as-yet-to-be-discovered God particle.

The Universe in a Helium Droplet

Filename: the-universe-in-a-helium-droplet.pdf
ISBN: 9780198507826
Release Date: 2003-03-06
Number of pages: 509
Author: G. E. Volovik
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

Download and read online The Universe in a Helium Droplet in PDF and EPUB There are fundamental relations between three vast areas of physics: particle physics, cosmology and condensed matter physics. The fundamental links between the first two areas, in other words, between micro- and macro-worlds, have been well established. There is a unified system of laws governing the scales from subatomic particles to the Cosmos and this principle is widely exploited in the description of the physics of the early Universe. The main goal of this book is to establish and define the connection of these two fields with condensed matter physics. According to the modern view, elementary particles (electrons, neutrinos, quarks, etc.) are excitations of a more fundamental medium called the quantum vacuum. This is the new 'aether' of the 21st Century. Electromagnetism, gravity, and the fields transferring weak and strong interactions all represent different types of the collective motion of the quantum vacuum. Among the existing condensed matter systems, a quantum liquid called superfluid 3He-A most closely represents the quantum vacuum. Its quasiparticles are very similar to the elementary particles, while the collective modes of the liquid are very similar to electromagnetic and gravitational fields, and the quanta of these collective modes are analogues of photons and gravitons. The fundamental laws of physics, such as the laws of relativity (Lorentz invariance) and gauge invariance, arise when the temperature of the quantum liquid decreases. This book is written for graduate students and researchers in all areas of physics.


Filename: fusion.pdf
ISBN: 9780124818514
Release Date: 2005-01
Number of pages: 186
Author: G. M. McCracken
Publisher: Academic Press

Download and read online Fusion in PDF and EPUB Unraveling the role of fusion in the universe has taken almost a century since Einstein's proof of the equivalence of energy and matter in 1905. The discovery that fusion reactions are responsible for the building of the light elements in the "Big Bang" and the subsequent development of the heavier elements in the stars and in exploding supernovae is one of the field's most exciting successes. In this engaging book, McCracken and Stott reexamine these discoveries in astrophysics and discuss the possibility that fusion reactions are not only our sun's source of power, but may also be induced for our use on earth. * Details the initial discovery of nuclear fusion, all related research, and today's concern over future energy supply * Examines current attempts to create nuclear fusion here on earth * Enhanced with color illustrations and examples * Provides a non-technical treatment of fusion using straightforward language * Includes technical notes for aspiring physicists


Filename: universe.pdf
ISBN: 1592236995
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 288
Author: Heather Couper
Publisher: Thunder Bay Press (CA)

Download and read online Universe in PDF and EPUB - Transports the reader out or this world with a pictorial journey through the universe that shows us such startling sights as butterfly nebulae, sun plasma loops, gas pillars, young stars, and whole galaxies.- Introductory text to each chapter and detailed extended captions explain both the content of the pictures and the means by which it was captured. An essential guide for any aspiring astronomer!

The Large scale Structure of the Universe

Filename: the-large-scale-structure-of-the-universe.pdf
ISBN: 0691082405
Release Date: 1980
Number of pages: 422
Author: Phillip James Edwin Peebles
Publisher: Princeton University Press

Download and read online The Large scale Structure of the Universe in PDF and EPUB Opinions on the large-scale structure of the early universe range widely from primeval chaos to a well-ordered mass distribution. P.J.E. Peebles argues that the evolution proceeded from a nearly uniform initial state to a progressively more irregular and clumpy universe. The discussion centers on the largest known structures, the clusters of galaxies, the empirical evidence of the nature of the clustering, and the theories of how the clustering evolves in an expanding universe. In Chapter One the author provides an historical introduction to the subject. Chapter Two contains a survey of methods used to deal with the Newtonian approximation to the theory of the evolution of the mass distribution. Recent progress in the use of statistical measures of the clustering is described in Chapter Three. Chapters Four and Five return to techniques for dealing with cosmic evolution, in the statistical measures of clustering and under general relativity theory. Lastly, in Chapter Six Professor Peebles assesses the progress in attempts to link theory and observation to arrive at a well established physical picture of the nature and evolution of the universe.


Filename: universe.pdf
ISBN: 9781409328254
Release Date: 2012-10-01
Number of pages: 528
Author: DK
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

Download and read online Universe in PDF and EPUB From the fiery mass of the Sun's core to the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way, Universe takes you on the ultimate guided tour of the cosmos. Full of stunning out-of-this world images reflecting recent advances in space imagery, you'll go on a journey from our solar system all the way to the farthest limits of space. This new edition has been expanded and updated to include the most exciting new discoveries from water on Mars to planets in other solar systems plus up-to-date charts and information on the latest equipment for studying the wonders of the universe. The comprehensive night-sky atlas covers all the constellations and planetary charts showing their positions right up to 2019. With a special embossed jacket, Universe is a beautiful gift for keen amateur astronomers as well as a great reference book for the whole family.

The Creation of the Universe

Filename: the-creation-of-the-universe.pdf
ISBN: 0486438686
Release Date: 2004
Number of pages: 146
Author: George Gamow
Publisher: Courier Corporation

Download and read online The Creation of the Universe in PDF and EPUB Lively and authoritative, this survey by a renowned physicist explains the formation of the galaxies and defines the concept of an ever-expanding universe in simple terms. 1961 edition. 40 figures.

At Home in the Universe

Filename: at-home-in-the-universe.pdf
ISBN: 9780199761852
Release Date: 1996-11-21
Number of pages: 336
Author: Stuart Kauffman
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Download and read online At Home in the Universe in PDF and EPUB A major scientific revolution has begun, a new paradigm that rivals Darwin's theory in importance. At its heart is the discovery of the order that lies deep within the most complex of systems, from the origin of life, to the workings of giant corporations, to the rise and fall of great civilizations. And more than anyone else, this revolution is the work of one man, Stuart Kauffman, a MacArthur Fellow and visionary pioneer of the new science of complexity. Now, in At Home in the Universe, Kauffman brilliantly weaves together the excitement of intellectual discovery and a fertile mix of insights to give the general reader a fascinating look at this new science--and at the forces for order that lie at the edge of chaos. We all know of instances of spontaneous order in nature--an oil droplet in water forms a sphere, snowflakes have a six-fold symmetry. What we are only now discovering, Kauffman says, is that the range of spontaneous order is enormously greater than we had supposed. Indeed, self-organization is a great undiscovered principle of nature. But how does this spontaneous order arise? Kauffman contends that complexity itself triggers self-organization, or what he calls "order for free," that if enough different molecules pass a certain threshold of complexity, they begin to self-organize into a new entity--a living cell. Kauffman uses the analogy of a thousand buttons on a rug--join two buttons randomly with thread, then another two, and so on. At first, you have isolated pairs; later, small clusters; but suddenly at around the 500th repetition, a remarkable transformation occurs--much like the phase transition when water abruptly turns to ice--and the buttons link up in one giant network. Likewise, life may have originated when the mix of different molecules in the primordial soup passed a certain level of complexity and self-organized into living entities (if so, then life is not a highly improbable chance event, but almost inevitable). Kauffman uses the basic insight of "order for free" to illuminate a staggering range of phenomena. We see how a single-celled embryo can grow to a highly complex organism with over two hundred different cell types. We learn how the science of complexity extends Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection: that self-organization, selection, and chance are the engines of the biosphere. And we gain insights into biotechnology, the stunning magic of the new frontier of genetic engineering--generating trillions of novel molecules to find new drugs, vaccines, enzymes, biosensors, and more. Indeed, Kauffman shows that ecosystems, economic systems, and even cultural systems may all evolve according to similar general laws, that tissues and terra cotta evolve in similar ways. And finally, there is a profoundly spiritual element to Kauffman's thought. If, as he argues, life were bound to arise, not as an incalculably improbable accident, but as an expected fulfillment of the natural order, then we truly are at home in the universe. Kauffman's earlier volume, The Origins of Order, written for specialists, received lavish praise. Stephen Jay Gould called it "a landmark and a classic." And Nobel Laureate Philip Anderson wrote that "there are few people in this world who ever ask the right questions of science, and they are the ones who affect its future most profoundly. Stuart Kauffman is one of these." In At Home in the Universe, this visionary thinker takes you along as he explores new insights into the nature of life.

Structure Formation in the Universe

Filename: structure-formation-in-the-universe.pdf
ISBN: 0521424860
Release Date: 1993
Number of pages: 483
Author: T. Padmanabhan
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online Structure Formation in the Universe in PDF and EPUB Understanding the way in which large-scale structures such as galaxies form remains the most challenging problem in cosmology today. This text provides an up-to-date and pedagogical introduction to this exciting area of research. Part 1 deals with the Friedmann model, the thermal history of the universe, and includes a description of observed structures in the universe. Part 2 describes the theory of gravitational instability in both the linear and nonlinear regimes. This part also includes chapters on the microwave background radiation, Large-scale velocity fields, quasars, and high redshift objects. Part 3 of the book covers inflation, cosmic strings, and dark matter. Each chapter is accompanied by a comprehensive set of exercises to help the reader in self-study.

A New Model of the Universe

Filename: a-new-model-of-the-universe.pdf
ISBN: 0486297012
Release Date: 1997-07-01
Number of pages: 554
Author: P. D. Ouspensky
Publisher: Courier Corporation

Download and read online A New Model of the Universe in PDF and EPUB Foremost occultist of early 20th century offers stimulating, thought-provoking discussions of relativity, the fourth dimension, Christian symbolism, the tarot, yoga, dreams and more. Introduction.

God and the Universe

Filename: god-and-the-universe.pdf
ISBN: 0415236665
Release Date: 2000
Number of pages: 377
Author: Arthur Gibson
Publisher: Psychology Press

Download and read online God and the Universe in PDF and EPUB Ambitious, controversial and absorbing, God and the Universe tackles the highly-charged issue of God's relevance in the light of new scientific thinking on cosmology. Engaging with poststructuralism, ethics, mathematics, and philosophy through the ages, this persuasively argued book reinvigorates religious debate for the new millennium.

Universe by Design

Filename: universe-by-design.pdf
ISBN: 9780890514153
Release Date: 2004
Number of pages: 143
Author: Danny Faulkner
Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group

Download and read online Universe by Design in PDF and EPUB Views the stars and planets from a creationist standpoint, addresses common misconceptions and difficulties about relativity and cosmology, and discusses problems with the big bang theory with many analogies, examples, diagrams, and illustrations. Original.


Filename: universe.pdf
ISBN: 0314208054
Release Date: 1997
Number of pages:
Author: Snow

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