The Rise of Women Farmers and Sustainable Agriculture

Filename: the-rise-of-women-farmers-and-sustainable-agriculture.pdf
ISBN: 9781609384159
Release Date: 2016-05-15
Number of pages: 196
Author: Carolyn Sachs
Publisher: University of Iowa Press

Download and read online The Rise of Women Farmers and Sustainable Agriculture in PDF and EPUB A profound shift is occurring among women working in agriculture - they are increasingly seeing themselves as farmers, not only as the wives or daughters of farmers. In this book, farm women in the northeastern United States describe how they got into farming and became successful entrepreneurs despite the barriers they encountered in agricultural institutions, farming communities, and even their own families. The authors' feminist agrifood systems theory (FAST) values women's ways of knowing and working in agriculture and has the potential to shift how farmers, agricultural professionals, and anyone else interested in farming think about gender and sustainability, as well as to change how feminist scholars and theorists think about agriculture.--COVER.

Women in Agriculture Worldwide

Filename: women-in-agriculture-worldwide.pdf
ISBN: 9781134774715
Release Date: 2016-07-01
Number of pages: 290
Author: Amber J. Fletcher
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Women in Agriculture Worldwide in PDF and EPUB Over the past two decades, existing documentation of women in the agricultural sector has surveyed topics, such as agricultural restructuring and land reform, international trade agreements and food trade, land ownership and rural development and rural feminisms. Many studies have focused on either the high-income countries of the global North or the low-income countries of the global South. This separation suggests that the North has little to learn from the South, or that there is little shared commonality across the global dividing line. Fletcher and Kubik challenge this political, economic, and ideological separation by drawing together authors from 12 different countries, over 5 continents. They discuss the situation for women in agriculture in 14 countries worldwide, as well as two chapters that cover international contexts. The authors blur the boundaries between academic and organizational authors and their contributors include university-based researchers, gender experts, development consultants, and staff of agricultural research centers and international organizations (i.e., Oxfam, the United Nations World Food Program). The common thread connecting these diverse authors is an emphasis on practical and concrete solutions to address the challenges, such as lack of access to resources and infrastructure, lack of household decision-making power, and gender biases in policymaking and leadership, still faced by women in agriculture around the world. Ongoing issues in climate change will exasperate many of these issues and several chapters also address environment and sustainability. This book is of great interest to those who study strategic management, gender studies and environmental economics.

Meine afrikanischen Lieblingsm rchen

Filename: meine-afrikanischen-lieblingsm-rchen.pdf
ISBN: 3406518621
Release Date: 2004
Number of pages: 183
Author: Nelson Mandela
Publisher: C.H.Beck

Download and read online Meine afrikanischen Lieblingsm rchen in PDF and EPUB A collection of traditional stories from different parts of Africa, featuring varied characters and themes--some familiar, some newer.

Die postkapitalistische Gesellschaft

Filename: die-postkapitalistische-gesellschaft.pdf
ISBN: 3430122228
Release Date: 1993
Number of pages: 319
Author: Peter Ferdinand Drucker

Download and read online Die postkapitalistische Gesellschaft in PDF and EPUB Inhaltsübersicht: Teil I "Die Gesellschaft": 1. Vom Kapitalismus zur Wissensgesellschaft, 2. Die Gesellschaft der Organisationen, 3. Die Zukunft von Arbeit und Kapital, 4. Die Produktivität der neuen Mitarbeiter, 5. die verantwortungsbewuste Organisation. - Teil II "Die politische Ordnung": 6. Vom Nationalstaat zum Megastaat, 7. Transnationalismus, Regionalismus, 8. Die notwendige Kehrtwende der Regierungen, 9. Staatsbürgerschaft. - Teil III "Das Wissen": 10. Das Wissen: Seine Volkswirtschaft, 11. die rechenschaftspflichtige Schule, 12. Der gebildete Mensch, Personen- und Sachregister.

Participatory Research and Development for Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Understanding participatory research and development

Filename: participatory-research-and-development-for-sustainable-agriculture-and-natural-resource-management-understanding-participatory-research-and-development.pdf
ISBN: 9781552501818
Release Date: 2005-01-01
Number of pages: 273
Author: Julian F. Gonsalves
Publisher: IDRC

Download and read online Participatory Research and Development for Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Understanding participatory research and development in PDF and EPUB Research and development can no longer be the exclusive domain of scientists. To find sustainable solutions to development problems, a wider range of actors must be involved. It is crucial, for example, that local stakeholders provide input to the process. Participatory research and development (PR&D) offers such an inclusive model. This three-volume sourcebook provides easy access to field-tested PR&D concepts and practices for practitioners, researchers, and academic. As well, it presents a comprehensive overview of PR&D and will serve as a general reference for trainers, policymakers, donors, and development professionals. The sourcebook captures and examines PR&D experiences from over 30 countries, illustrating applications in sustainable crop and animal production, forest and watershed management, soil and water conservation, and postharvest and utilization.

Sustainable Intensification

Filename: sustainable-intensification.pdf
ISBN: 9781136529276
Release Date: 2012-06-25
Number of pages: 200
Author: Jules N. Pretty
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Sustainable Intensification in PDF and EPUB Continued population growth, rapidly changing consumption patterns and the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation are driving limited resources of food, energy, water and materials towards critical thresholds worldwide. These pressures are likely to be substantial across Africa, where countries will have to find innovative ways to boost crop and livestock production to avoid becoming more reliant on imports and food aid. Sustainable agricultural intensification - producing more output from the same area of land while reducing the negative environmental impacts - represents a solution for millions of African farmers. This volume presents the lessons learned from 40 sustainable agricultural intensification programmes in 20 countries across Africa, commissioned as part of the UK Government's Foresight project. Through detailed case studies, the authors of each chapter examine how to develop productive and sustainable agricultural systems and how to scale up these systems to reach many more millions of people in the future. Themes covered include crop improvements, agroforestry and soil conservation, conservation agriculture, integrated pest management, horticulture, livestock and fodder crops, aquaculture, and novel policies and partnerships.

Improving Crop Productivity in Sustainable Agriculture

Filename: improving-crop-productivity-in-sustainable-agriculture.pdf
ISBN: 9783527665198
Release Date: 2012-10-11
Number of pages: 536
Author: Narendra Tuteja
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Improving Crop Productivity in Sustainable Agriculture in PDF and EPUB An up-to-date overview of current progress in improving crop quality and quantity using modern methods. With a particular emphasis on genetic engineering, this text focusses on crop improvement under adverse conditions, paying special attention to such staple crops as rice, maize, and pulses. It includes an excellent mix of specific examples, such as the creation of nutritionally-fortified rice and a discussion of the political and economic implications of genetically engineered food. The result is a must-have hands-on guide, ideally suited for the biotech and agro industries.

Bibliographic Index

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ISBN: UOM:39015057989710
Release Date: 2004
Number of pages: 26

Download and read online Bibliographic Index in PDF and EPUB

Das M dchen das den IS besiegte

Filename: das-m-dchen-das-den-is-besiegte.pdf
ISBN: 9783732523597
Release Date: 2016-01-21
Number of pages: 240
Author: Andrea C. Hoffmann

Download and read online Das M dchen das den IS besiegte in PDF and EPUB Farida Abbas ist 18 Jahre alt, als der IS im August 2014 ihr Dorf im irakischen Sinjar-Gebirge überfällt. Die Terroristen treiben die Männer und Jungen des Dorfes zusammen und töten sie. Die Mädchen und Frauen nehmen sie mit. Vier Monate lebt Farida in der Hölle auf Erden: Sie wird als Sklavin von Mann zu Mann verkauft, vergewaltigt, fast totgeschlagen. Doch sie überlebt und entwickelt in der Folge den ungeheuren Mut, sich ihren Peinigern zu widersetzen. Zusammen mit sechs anderen Mädchen, die sie anführt, gelingt ihr eine abenteuerliche Flucht durch die Wüste.

Geneflow 2000 2001

Filename: geneflow-2000-2001.pdf
ISBN: 9789290434979
Release Date: 2001
Number of pages: 33
Publisher: Bioversity International

Download and read online Geneflow 2000 2001 in PDF and EPUB

Beyond prince and merchant

Filename: beyond-prince-and-merchant.pdf
ISBN: 1888753099
Release Date: 1997-07
Number of pages: 314
Author: Institute of Cultural Affairs International (Brussels, Belgium)
Publisher: Kumarian Press

Download and read online Beyond prince and merchant in PDF and EPUB Surveys the "global mosaic" of modern civil society and its future, covering themes of women and youth, local community, microenterprise, public health indicators, and much more.


Filename: ismael.pdf
ISBN: 9783641162146
Release Date: 2014-12-16
Number of pages: 256
Author: Daniel Quinn
Publisher: Goldmann Verlag

Download and read online Ismael in PDF and EPUB Ein Lehrer uns sein Schüler streiten über den Zustand der Welt. Wie konnte der Mensch das Paradies in eine Hölle verwandeln? Ismael, der Lehrer, weiß eine überraschend andere Geschichte der Evolution zu erzählen. Sie reicht zurück bis an jenen biblischen Tag, da sich der Mensch in mörderischem Bruderstreit zur Krone der Schöpfung machte. – Übrigens, Ismael ist ein Gorilla.

Subject Guide to Books in Print

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ISBN: UOM:39015023726071
Release Date: 1995
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