The Bridge

Filename: the-bridge.pdf
ISBN: 9781620409114
Release Date: 2014-10-28
Number of pages: 192
Author: Gay Talese
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

Download and read online The Bridge in PDF and EPUB Toward the end of 1964, the Verrazano Narrows Bridge-linking the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island with New Jersey-was completed. Fifty years later, it remains an engineering marvel. At 13,700 feet (more than two and a half miles), it is still the longest suspension bridge in the United States and the sixth longest in the world. Gay Talese, then early in his career at the New York Times, closely followed the construction, and soon after the opening of this marvel of human ingenuity and engineering, he chronicled the human drama of its completion-from the construction workers high on the beams to the backroom dealing that displaced whole neighborhoods to make way for the bridge. Now in a new, beautifully packaged edition featuring dozens of breathtaking photos and architectural drawings, The Bridge remains both a riveting narrative of politics and courage and a demonstration of Talese's consummate skills as a reporter and storyteller. His memorable narrative will help celebrate the bridge's fiftieth anniversary and captivate a new generation of readers.

The great bridge

Filename: the-great-bridge.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015047804516
Release Date: 1965
Number of pages: 103
Author: Edward M. Young

Download and read online The great bridge in PDF and EPUB

The Brooklyn Bridge

Filename: the-brooklyn-bridge.pdf
ISBN: 9781438119403
Release Date: 2009-01-01
Number of pages: 120
Author: G. S. Prentzas
Publisher: Infobase Publishing

Download and read online The Brooklyn Bridge in PDF and EPUB Opened on May 24, 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge is widely considered the greatest engineering achievement of the 19th century. This vision of designer John Augustus Roebling would be the longest bridge ever built at the time. During the 14-year construction period, the project withstood city politics, numerous construction conundrums and accidents, and the death of Roebling. Standing as a prime example of American technological and architectural progress, this iconic suspension bridge remains one of the world's most recognized structures. Built to link Manhattan and Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Bridge remains the most popular bridge in New York, open to pedestrians and motorists alike. Today, more than 160,000 people cross the bridge every day.

Mighty Mac

Filename: mighty-mac.pdf
ISBN: 0814318177
Release Date: 1958
Number of pages: 152
Author: Lawrence A. Rubin
Publisher: Wayne State University Press

Download and read online Mighty Mac in PDF and EPUB This impressive photograph collection captures the struggles and the hardships, as well as the determination and the pride of the men who labored to build the Mackinac Bridge.

Super Structures

Filename: super-structures.pdf
ISBN: 9780801894367
Release Date: 2010-05-06
Number of pages: 266
Author: Mark Denny
Publisher: JHU Press

Download and read online Super Structures in PDF and EPUB Ever wonder how a graceful and slender bridge can support enormous loads over truly astonishing spans? Why domes and free-standing arches survive earthquakes that flatten the rest of a city? Physicist Mark Denny looks at the large structures around us—tall buildings, long bridges, and big dams—and explains how they were designed and built and why they sometimes collapse, topple, or burst. Denny uses clear, accessible language to explain the physics behind such iconic structures as the Parthenon, the Eiffel Tower, the Forth Rail Bridge in Edinburgh, and Hoover Dam. His friendly approach allows readers to appreciate the core principles that keep these engineering marvels upright without having to master complex mathematical equations. Employing history, humor, and simple physics to consider such topics as when to use screws or nails, what trusses are, why iron beams are often I-shaped, and why medieval cathedrals have buttresses, Denny succeeds once again in making physics fun.

Cold War America 1946 To 1990

Filename: cold-war-america-1946-to-1990.pdf
ISBN: 9781438107981
Release Date: 2003-01-01
Number of pages: 689
Author: Facts on File Inc
Publisher: Infobase Publishing

Download and read online Cold War America 1946 To 1990 in PDF and EPUB Uses statistical tables, charts, photographs, maps, and illustrations to explore everyday life in the United States during the Cold War period.

Pushing the Limits

Filename: pushing-the-limits.pdf
ISBN: 9780307427366
Release Date: 2007-12-18
Number of pages: 304
Author: Henry Petroski
Publisher: Vintage

Download and read online Pushing the Limits in PDF and EPUB Here are two dozen tales in the grand adventure of engineering from the Henry Petroski, who has been called America’s poet laureate of technology. Pushing the Limits celebrates some of the largest things we have created–bridges, dams, buildings--and provides a startling new vision of engineering’s past, its present, and its future. Along the way it highlights our greatest successes, like London’s Tower Bridge; our most ambitious projects, like China’s Three Gorges Dam; our most embarrassing moments, like the wobbly Millennium Bridge in London; and our greatest failures, like the collapse of the twin towers on September 11. Throughout, Petroski provides fascinating and provocative insights into the world of technology with his trademark erudition and enthusiasm for the subject. From the Trade Paperback edition.

New York s Golden Age of Bridges

Filename: new-york-s-golden-age-of-bridges.pdf
ISBN: 9780823253074
Release Date: 2012-12-04
Number of pages: 140
Publisher: Fordham University Press

Download and read online New York s Golden Age of Bridges in PDF and EPUB Bridges to me are a connection, not just joining two landmasses, but an emotional state, one that acts as an invisible thread binding the past and future. --Antonio Masi In New York's Golden Age of Bridges, artist Antonio Masi teams up with writer and New York City historian Joan Marans Dim to offer a multidimensional exploration of New York City's nine major bridges, their artistic and cultural underpinnings, and their impact worldwide. The tale of New York City's bridges begins in 1883, when the Brooklyn Bridge rose majestically over the East River, signaling the start of America's "Golden Age" of bridge building. The Williamsburg followed in 1903, the Queensboro (renamed the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge) and the Manhattan in 1909, the George Washington in 1931, the Triborough (renamed the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge) in 1936, the Bronx-Whitestone in 1939, the Throgs Neck in 1961, and the Verrazano-Narrows in 1964. Each of these classic bridges has its own story, and the book's paintings show the majesty and artistry, while the essays fill in the fascinating details of its social, cultural, economic, political, and environmental history. America's great bridges, built almost entirely by immigrant engineers, architects, and laborers, have come to symbolize not only labor and ingenuity but also bravery and sacrifice. The building of each bridge took a human toll. The Brooklyn Bridge's designer and chief engineer, John A. Roebling, himself died in the service of bridge building. But beyond those stories is another narrative--one that encompasses the dreams and ambitions of a city, and eventually a nation. At this moment in Asia and Europe many modern large-scale, long-span suspension bridges are being built. They are the progeny of New York City's Golden Age bridges. This book comes along at the perfect moment to place these great public projects into their historical and artistic contexts, to inform and delight artists, engineers, historians, architects, and city planners. In addition to the historical and artistic perspectives, New York's Golden Age of Bridges explores the inestimable connections that bridges foster, and reveals the extraordinary impact of the nine Golden Age bridges on the city, the nation, and the world.

Just Kids

Filename: just-kids.pdf
ISBN: 9783462301830
Release Date: 2010-03-16
Number of pages: 336
Author: Patti Smith
Publisher: Kiepenheuer & Witsch

Download and read online Just Kids in PDF and EPUB Ein autobiographisches Meisterwerk von Patti Smith, Ikone der Punk-Bewegung, Dichterin und AusnahmekünstlerinPatti Smith führt uns in das New York der frühen Siebzigerjahre, in eine Ära, die für sie vor allem von der tiefen Freundschaft zu einem Menschen geprägt wird: dem später zu Weltruhm gelangten Fotografen Robert Mapplethorpe. Just Kids erzählt die bewegende Geschichte zweier Seelenverwandter, die für und durch die Kunst leben, und entwirft zugleich ein betörendes Bild einer revolutionären Epoche.Als Patti Smith und Robert Mapplethorpe sich im Sommer 1967 in New York kennenlernen, sind sie beide 20 und ohne einen Pfennig in der Tasche auf der Suche nach einem freien Leben als Künstler. Eine intensive Liebesgeschichte beginnt, die später in eine tiefe Freundschaft übergeht. Von Brooklyn ziehen sie ins Chelsea Hotel, wo Patti Smith Bekanntschaft macht mit Janis Joplin, Allen Ginsberg, Sam Shepard, Todd Rundgren, Tom Verlaine und vielen anderen Künstlern. Patti Smith taucht ein in die Welt der Rockmusik und wird zu einer der einflussreichsten und stilprägendsten Künstlerinnen des Jahrzehnts. Auch wenn sich ihre Wege zwischendurch trennen, bleiben Patti und Robert bis zu dessen Tod im Jahr 1989 eng verbunden.Just Kids, halb Elegie, halb Romanze, entwirft ein so noch nicht gesehenes Bild einer aufregenden Epoche und besticht durch die Offenheit, Wärme, den feinen Humor und die große sprachliche Kraft, mit der Patti Smith erzählt. Radikal, zärtlich und unverwechselbar eigen ist hier die Künstlerin Patti Smith als Schriftstellerin zu entdecken.Mit zahlreichen Abbildungen aus dem Privatarchiv von Patti Smith und Robert Mapplethorpe

How We Got to Coney Island

Filename: how-we-got-to-coney-island.pdf
ISBN: 0823222098
Release Date: 2002-01-01
Number of pages: 346
Author: Brian J. Cudahy
Publisher: Fordham Univ Press

Download and read online How We Got to Coney Island in PDF and EPUB "Combining vivid social history with a skilled, detailed account of new transportation technologies, Cudahy surveys more than 150 years of Brooklyn life, starting with horse-powered street railways such as the Coney Island and Brooklyn Railroad that first linked the city of Brooklyn to the undeveloped beachfront of 1862. He takes us through the parallel histories of street-cars, steamboats (Manhattan to Coney Island in 1880 in only an hour and a half), excursion railways, and elevated lines."--Jacket.

Mount Manresa

Filename: mount-manresa.pdf
ISBN: 0738573825
Release Date: 2011-01
Number of pages: 128
Author: Thomas W. Matteo
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

Download and read online Mount Manresa in PDF and EPUB Presents a pictorial look at the history of Mount Manresa, the country's first retreat house for the public.

Turme und Brucken

Filename: turme-und-brucken.pdf
ISBN: 9783433603963
Release Date: 2014-01-06
Number of pages: 298
Author: David P. Billington
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Turme und Brucken in PDF and EPUB In den USA l?ngst zum Klassiker avanciert, erscheint "The Tower and the Bridge" nun endlich in deutscher ?bersetzung. In seinem Geleitwort zur deutschen Ausgabe schreibt J?rg Schlaich: "Dieses Buch ist 'Pflichtlekt?re' und Hochgenuss f?r den 'Ingenieurbauk?nstler', bei dessen Bauten der Zusammenhang von Form und Kraftfluss ablesbar ist und die sich durch die Ideale Effizienz, Wirtschaftlichkeit und Eleganz auszeichnen." Billington begr?ndet in diesem Buch die neue, eigenst?ndige Kunstform Ingenieurbau (Structural Art), die er als gleichberechtigt neben der Architektur stehend proklamiert. Nicht zuf?llig nennt der Titel die klassischen Dom?nen des Bauingenieurs, wobei sich Billington auf die epochalen Bauwerke Eiffelturm und Brooklyn Bridge bezieht. Billington stellt in leicht lesbarem Stil und auf unterhaltsame Weise die Ideale, Prinzipien und Methoden der Kunst des Ingenieurbaus in ihrer historischen Entwicklung anhand der Bauwerke herausragender Ingenieure (z. B. Telford, Maillart, Freyssinet, Menn) dar. Mit der Etablierung des Ingenieurbaus als Kunstform und der Explikation der inh?renten Prinzipien gibt Billington dem Leser gut begr?ndete Argumente f?r eine ?sthetische Diskussion im Bereich der Ingenieurbauwerke an die Hand. Damit wird gleichzeitig eine Grundlage f?r die Kritik zur neuen Kunst geschaffen: die schon lange geforderte Konstruktionskritik. So hat dieses zeitlose Buch das Potenzial, der Debatte um Baukultur und insbesondere um gestalterische Aspekte im Ingenieurbau im deutschsprachigen Raum neue Impulse zu verleihen.

Making it in America

Filename: making-it-in-america.pdf
ISBN: 9781576070987
Release Date: 2001
Number of pages: 448
Author: Elliott Robert Barkan
Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Download and read online Making it in America in PDF and EPUB Hopeful immigrants have come to America for four centuries, trying to make a better life for their families. Making It in America: A Sourcebook on Eminent Ethnic Americans relates the stories of 400 first- and second-generation Americans who have uplifted our quality of life. The book celebrates multicultural success throughout U.S. history; the nationally renowned are found right alongside the not-so-famous who improved the lives of those in their own communities.