The Anatomy of Racial Inequality

Filename: the-anatomy-of-racial-inequality.pdf
ISBN: 9780674040328
Release Date: 2009-06-30
Number of pages: 240
Author: Glenn C. LOURY
Publisher: Harvard University Press

Download and read online The Anatomy of Racial Inequality in PDF and EPUB Speaking wisely and provocatively about the political economy of race, Glenn Loury has become one of our most prominent black intellectuals--and, because of his challenges to the orthodoxies of both left and right, one of the most controversial. A major statement of a position developed over the past decade, this book both epitomizes and explains Loury's understanding of the depressed conditions of so much of black society today--and the origins, consequences, and implications for the future of these conditions. Using an economist's approach, Loury describes a vicious cycle of tainted social information that has resulted in a self-replicating pattern of racial stereotypes that rationalize and sustain discrimination. His analysis shows how the restrictions placed on black development by stereotypical and stigmatizing racial thinking deny a whole segment of the population the possibility of self-actualization that American society reveres--something that many contend would be undermined by remedies such as affirmative action. On the contrary, this book persuasively argues that the promise of fairness and individual freedom and dignity will remain unfulfilled without some forms of intervention based on race. Brilliant in its account of how racial classifications are created and perpetuated, and how they resonate through the social, psychological, spiritual, and economic life of the nation, this compelling and passionate book gives us a new way of seeing--and, perhaps, seeing beyond--the damning categorization of race in America.

The African American Male School Adaptability Crisis Amsac

Filename: the-african-american-male-school-adaptability-crisis-amsac.pdf
ISBN: 9781504976787
Release Date: 2016-03-12
Number of pages: 936
Author: Joe L. Rempson
Publisher: AuthorHouse

Download and read online The African American Male School Adaptability Crisis Amsac in PDF and EPUB The African American Male School Adaptability Crisis (AMSAC) cannot be solved by the school alone. It is a race problem which can only be solved if we black males provide the leadership in tackling our three major demons which now mainly account for the problem: IQ lag-fatherless families-crime. AMSAC had its origin about 100 years ago when, after the death of Washington, DuBois gained ascendancy in our African American Garden of Eden and replaced Washington’s brains, property, and character gospel with a civil rights agenda. That agenda has led to a civil-rights fixation and our second bondage, Victimology, wherein being the victim has become part of our core identity and made us psychological slaves. Rather than being proud and self-reliant, disproportionately, we have come to see ourselves as victims who are entitled to system help and special treatment. This bondage – and it is a bondage -- vitiates our manhood and the energy and drive required to pursue the adaptation pathway paved by Washington, but demonized by DuBois. Return to that pathway and we can confront and conquer AMSAC and our three major demons. Guided by history and the research evidence, this book details how. Its 20 chapters make for long reading, but, just by reading the first and last chapters, you can get the message. The motto of the proposed evidence-based experimental program, the African American Male Career Pathway Program (AMCAP). A special appeal is made to black athletes and entertainers to help propagate this motto and support the proposed high school student clubs (Student AMCAPs) in its implementation.

Equality Or Discrimination

Filename: equality-or-discrimination.pdf
ISBN: 0761836721
Release Date: 2007
Number of pages: 186
Author: Natalie Kimbrough
Publisher: University Press of America

Download and read online Equality Or Discrimination in PDF and EPUB Equality or Discrimination? strives to close the gap in existing literature and address the often-neglected field of research on the discrimination of African Americans in the U.S. Armed Forces during the Vietnam War. Despite the awakened interest of academics, authors, artists, and experts from a multitude of fields and the vast selection of literature on the Vietnam War and its veterans, African Americans have received little attention until now. Based on initial findings, Dr. Kimbrough analyzes key issues including whether or not African Americans experienced racial discrimination while serving. The study also focuses on whether the Vietnam War was indeed the first fully integrated conflict in which the U.S. attempted to engage in militarily without racial division. The findings contradict the traditional image of equality in the U.S. Armed Forces and provide the basis for the dissertation. Proving that soldiers in the Vietnam War were NOT treated equally, Dr. Kimbrough argues that African Americans experienced various forms of discrimination during a tumultuous time in U.S. history in which the opposite treatment of its soldiers was required.

Intellectual Property Entrepreneurship and Social Justice

Filename: intellectual-property-entrepreneurship-and-social-justice.pdf
ISBN: 9781783470259
Release Date: 2015-02-27
Number of pages: 320
Author: Lateef Mtima
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

Download and read online Intellectual Property Entrepreneurship and Social Justice in PDF and EPUB In the Information Age, historically marginalized groups and developing nations continue to strive for socio-economic empowerment within the global community. Their ultimate success largely depends upon their ability to develop, protect, and exploit th

Balancing Acts

Filename: balancing-acts.pdf
ISBN: 9780520262102
Release Date: 2011-02-09
Number of pages: 224
Author: Natasha Kumar Warikoo
Publisher: Univ of California Press

Download and read online Balancing Acts in PDF and EPUB "Balancing Acts is a must-read for social scientists, policy experts, and educators interested in addressing the achievement gap between minority and majority students. This unique comparative study of multi-racial schools in the US and the UK considers through a new lens the impact of peer status on educational achievement for whites, Indians, and blacks. Never has expertise on the second-generation, racial and ethnic boundaries, youth culture, cultural consumption, and education been so skillfully brought together. And best of all, this signal contribution offers practical and sensible policy recommendations for addressing some of the causes of low educational performance."—Michele Lamont, author of The Dignity of Working Men: Morality and the Boundaries of Race, Class, and Immigration "This important comparative study skillfully unpacks the concept of culture and demonstrates with considerable cogency the role played by youth culture in shaping immigrant children's uneven educational achievement. Balancing Acts rightly highlights children's agency in negotiating the pressures of different identities and offers several most valuable recommendations."—Bhikhu Parekh, House of Lords, author of Rethinking Multiculturalism "This important study breaks new empirical ground and brings much needed conceptual clarity to the sociological study of culture, identity, and the schooling of the children of immigrants in the two defining global cities of our era. It achieves a marvelous balance—between London and New York, between institutions, social structures, and human agency, and between various immigrant-origin groups on both sides of the Atlantic. It is a must read for anyone interested in learning what the best of sociological research has to offer to us to elucidate one of the most relevant issues of our times."—Marcelo M. Suárez-Orozco, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ “If this book doesn’t convince us that adolescents’ taste in music and style of dress have more to do with their quest for peer status than their attitudes toward school and achievement, I’m not sure what will. The second-generation immigrant youth in Balancing Acts add to the chorus of compelling young voices forcing us to reconsider how we think about the impact of youth cultures on student achievement. Warikoo’s careful attention to the meanings young people attach to contemporary urban music and style should be required reading for anyone interested in the world of adolescents.”-Karolyn Tyson, Sociology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill "Warikoo does an excellent job describing peer culture and its complex role in the everyday lives of teenagers in London and New York City. This book is essential reading for educators, scholars, and, of course, students."—Margaret M. Chin, author of Sewing Women: Immigrants and the New York City Garment Industry "This provocative and timely book offers a refreshing perspective on the relationship of second-generation immigrants and youth culture. Warikoo makes a bold argument regarding peer culture, status and academic achievement that is sure to take current discourse into a whole new direction."—Gilberto Q. Conchas, author of The Color of Success

The Price We Pay

Filename: the-price-we-pay.pdf
ISBN: 9780815708650
Release Date: 2008-07-01
Number of pages: 273
Author: Clive R. Belfield
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

Download and read online The Price We Pay in PDF and EPUB While the high cost of education draws headlines, the cost of not educating America's children goes largely ignored. The Price We Pay remedies this oversight by highlighting the private and public costs of inadequate education. In this volume, leading scholars from a broad range of fields—including economics, education, demography, and public health—attach hard numbers to the relationship between educational attainment and such critical indicators as income, health, crime, dependence on public assistance, and political participation. They explore policy interventions that could boost the education system's performance and explain why demographic trends make the challenge of educating our youth so urgent today. Improving educational outcomes for at-risk youth is more than a noble goal. It is an investment with the potential to yield benefits that far outstrip its costs. The Price We Pay provides the tools readers need to analyze both sides of the balance sheet and make informed decisions about which policies will pay off. Contributors include Thomas Bailey (Teachers College, Columbia University), Ronald F. Ferguson (Harvard University), Irwin Garfinkel (Columbia University), Jane Junn (Rutgers University), Brendan Kelly (Columbia University), Enrico Moretti (UCLA), Peter Muennig (Columbia University), Michael Rebell (Teachers College, Columbia University), Richard Rothstein (Teachers College, Columbia University), Cecilia E. Rouse (Princeton University), Marta Tienda (Princeton University), Jane Waldfogel (Columbia University), and Tamara Wilder (Teachers College, Columbia University).

Black Conservatives in the United States

Filename: black-conservatives-in-the-united-states.pdf
ISBN: 9780980258707
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 362
Author: Godfrey Mwakikagile
Publisher: New Africa Press

Download and read online Black Conservatives in the United States in PDF and EPUB This work is an examination of the black conservative phenomenon in the United States in contemporary times. The author looks at the role black conservatives play in American politics and at their attempts to have an impact on the lives of black Americans, also known as African Americans. Subjects covered include perspectives black conservatives share on issues such as affirmative action, racism, poverty, self-reliance, welfare, drugs, crime and illegitimacy among blacks; the criminal justice system and how it affects blacks; and why black conservatives differ with other blacks on those issues. It is also a critique of "The Bell Curve," a book that has inflamed passions especially among blacks, and of the views some black conservatives have expressed on racial IQ differences which have fueled debate on this highly explosive subject. The author also looks at the policy and philosophical differences and at differences in perceptions between black conservatives and their brethren in the black community. Why do black conservatives oppose affirmative action? Why do they support the Republican party? Why don't they have much support in the black community? Those are just some of the issues addressed in this book. The author writes from personal experience after living and interacting with African Americans of all ideological stripes for more than 30 years. His interest in Black America spans the ideological spectrum and covers other aspects of life including relations between Africans and African Americans. He has written a book about those relations in which he also addresses the black conservative phenomenon in the United States. Like all his others books, "Black Conservatives in the United States" is intended for members of the general public and the academic community.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to African American History

Filename: the-complete-idiot-s-guide-to-african-american-history.pdf
ISBN: 9781440650475
Release Date: 2003-01-28
Number of pages: 320
Author: Melba J. Duncan
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online The Complete Idiot s Guide to African American History in PDF and EPUB Although the first black slaves arrived in Jamestown, Virginia in 1619, our knowledge of African American history is often limited to 'lessons' in films. The Complete Idiot's Guide to African American History reveals a full portrait of black life, including familiar figures such as Harriet Tubman, W.E.B. Dubois, and Martin Luther King, JR.

Identity Invention and the Culture of Personalized Medicine Patenting

Filename: identity-invention-and-the-culture-of-personalized-medicine-patenting.pdf
ISBN: 9781107011915
Release Date: 2012-09-10
Number of pages: 216
Author: Shubha Ghosh
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online Identity Invention and the Culture of Personalized Medicine Patenting in PDF and EPUB This book provides an overview of developments in personalized medicine patenting and explores its normative implications to suggest policies to best regulate it.

The Bible and the Hermeneutics of Liberation

Filename: the-bible-and-the-hermeneutics-of-liberation.pdf
ISBN: 9781589832411
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 259
Author: Alejandro F. Botta
Publisher: Society of Biblical Lit

Download and read online The Bible and the Hermeneutics of Liberation in PDF and EPUB The same Bible that historically has been invoked to support exploitation is also a source of inspiration for those fighting oppression and injustice. This collection of essays highlights the different receptions that liberation- ist hermeneutics has found in a number of contemporary contexts. The authors, originating from various countries and continents and nurtured by diverse theological insights, provide regional overviews of liberating struggles and liberation hermeneutics or engage the biblical text from various perspectives, including mujerista and feminist Afrocentric read- ings. This is an enriching panorama of ideas and readings all centered on the Bible as a key to liberation.

Mythen Masken und Subjekte

Filename: mythen-masken-und-subjekte.pdf
ISBN: STANFORD:36105122531911
Release Date: 2005
Number of pages: 549
Author: Maureen Maisha Eggers

Download and read online Mythen Masken und Subjekte in PDF and EPUB

The Crisis

Filename: the-crisis.pdf
Release Date: 2002-03
Number of pages: 60

Download and read online The Crisis in PDF and EPUB The Crisis, founded by W.E.B. Du Bois as the official publication of the NAACP, is a journal of civil rights, history, politics, and culture and seeks to educate and challenge its readers about issues that continue to plague African Americans and other communities of color. For nearly 100 years, The Crisis has been the magazine of opinion and thought leaders, decision makers, peacemakers and justice seekers. It has chronicled, informed, educated, entertained and, in many instances, set the economic, political and social agenda for our nation and its multi-ethnic citizens.

Diversity in Intellectual Property

Filename: diversity-in-intellectual-property.pdf
ISBN: 9781107065529
Release Date: 2015-05-28
Number of pages: 562
Author: Irene Calboli
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online Diversity in Intellectual Property in PDF and EPUB Leading scholars address the interface between intellectual property and diversity with respect to culture, religion, race, and gender.

Affirmative action as we don t know it

Filename: affirmative-action-as-we-don-t-know-it.pdf
ISBN: WISC:89084449792
Release Date: 2002
Number of pages: 452
Author: Daniel N. Lipson

Download and read online Affirmative action as we don t know it in PDF and EPUB

Public Library Catalog

Filename: public-library-catalog.pdf
ISBN: 0824210395
Release Date: 2004
Number of pages: 1434
Author: Juliette Yaakov
Publisher: Hw Wilson Co

Download and read online Public Library Catalog in PDF and EPUB Highly recommended reference works in all subject areas and non-fiction books for adults, plus information on electronic editions when available. More than 8,000 books in the main volume. More than 2,400 new titles in annual paperbound supplements. More than 2,000 analytic entries for items in collections and anthologies.