River of Blood

Filename: river-of-blood.pdf
ISBN: 9780786036042
Release Date: 2017-03-28
Number of pages: 320
Author: William W. Johnstone
Publisher: Pinnacle

Download and read online River of Blood in PDF and EPUB THE GREATEST WESTERN WRITERS OF THE 21ST CENTURY America’s most popular Western novelists continue their bold new series featuring Breckenridge Wallace, a big, strong, fierce kid fighting for a home in the towering Rocky Mountains... HE FOLLOWED THE CALL OF THE WILD. KILLERS FOLLOWED HIM. Breck Wallace was turning into a true mountain man on the American frontier. As a teenager in Tennessee he killed in self-defense, then left behind a woman he loved. With a gun and trap lines he is learning how to survive in the Rockies, braving the punishing elements, ruthless outlaws, and forging an uneasy peace with the Indians. But as dangerous as life is, nothing is worse than a powerful man with a murderous grudge. Breckenridge has left two such men in his past—and they both send cold-blooded killers for hire after him. Now the young frontiersman must fight a whole new kind of enemy—armed with his courage, strength, and raw skills with knife and gun... Also Available in Audiobook

A Line in the Sand River of Blood

Filename: a-line-in-the-sand-river-of-blood.pdf
ISBN: 9781456752224
Release Date: 2011-05-10
Number of pages: 632
Author: Richard Brighton
Publisher: AuthorHouse

Download and read online A Line in the Sand River of Blood in PDF and EPUB These are the collected stories of People of the Tribes, People of the Nations, settlers and those Texians, who were defenders at the Alamo. They speak of how all paths converge. The footsteps of the hesitant meet those of the brave and any day is but a moment- when a person is faced with making a stand. These stories show what led to the battle of the Alamo; and they are written in the manner in which they were told- to be read like campfire stories when the shadows of the day blend into the darkness of night. It is here where Spirits live and travelers seek their destiny.

The Frontiersmen

Filename: the-frontiersmen.pdf
ISBN: 9781931672818
Release Date: 2011-01-01
Number of pages:
Author: Allen W. Eckert
Publisher: Jesse Stuart Foundation

Download and read online The Frontiersmen in PDF and EPUB The frontiersmen were a remarkable breed of men. They were often rough and illiterate, sometimes brutal and vicious, often seeking an escape in the wilderness of mid-America from crimes committed back east. In the beautiful but deadly country which would one day come to be known as West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, more often than not they left their bones to bleach beside forest paths or on the banks of the Ohio River, victims of Indians who claimed the vast virgin territory and strove to turn back the growing tide of whites. These frontiersmen are the subjects of Allan W. Eckert's dramatic history.Against the background of such names as George Rogers Clark, Daniel Boone, Arthur St. Clair, Anthony Wayne, Simon Girty and William Henry Harrison, Eckert has recreated the life of one of America's most outstanding heroes, Simon Kenton. Kenton's role in opening the Northwest Territory to settlement more than rivaled that of his friend Daniel Boone. By his eighteenth birthday, Kenton had already won frontier renown as woodsman, fighter and scout. His incredible physical strength and endurance, his great dignity and innate kindness made him the ideal prototype of the frontier hero.Yet there is another story to The Frontiersmen. It is equally the story of one of history's greatest leaders, whose misfortune was to be born to a doomed cause and a dying race. Tecumseh, the brilliant Shawnee chief, welded together by the sheer force of his intellect and charisma an incredible Indian confederacy that came desperately close to breaking the thrust of the white man's westward expansion. Like Kenton, Tecumseh was the paragon of his people's virtues, and the story of his life, in Allan Eckert's hands, reveals most profoundly the grandeur and the tragedy of the American Indian.No less importantly, The Frontiersmen is the story of wilderness America itself, its penetration and settlement, and it is Eckert's particular grace to be able to evoke life and meaning from the raw facts of this story. In The Frontiersmen not only do we care about our long-forgotten fathers, we live again with them.

Franciscan Frontiersmen

Filename: franciscan-frontiersmen.pdf
ISBN: 9780806158396
Release Date: 2017-05-18
Number of pages: 296
Author: Robert A. Kittle
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

Download and read online Franciscan Frontiersmen in PDF and EPUB Pious and scholarly, the Franciscan friars Pedro Font, Juan Crespí, and Francisco Garcés may at first seem improbable heroes. Beginning in Spain, their adventures encompassed the remote Sierra Gorda highlands of Mexico, the deserts of the American Southwest, and coastal California. Each man’s journey played an important role in Spain’s eighteenth-century conquest of the Pacific coast, but today their names and deeds are little known. Drawing on the diaries and correspondence of Font, Crespí, and Garcés, as well as his own exhaustive field research, Robert A. Kittle has woven a seamless narrative detailing the friars’ striking accomplishments. Starting with a harrowing transatlantic voyage, all three traveled through uncharted lands and found themselves beset by raiding Indians, marauding bears, starvation, and scurvy. Along the way, they made invaluable notes on indigenous peoples, flora and fauna, and prominent eighteenth-century European colonial figures. Font, the least celebrated of the three, recorded the daily events of the 1775–76 colonizing expedition of Juan Bautista de Anza while serving as its chaplain. Font’s legacy includes some of the earliest accurate maps of California between San Diego Bay and San Francisco Bay. Garcés, an itinerant missionary, developed close relationships with Indians in Sonora and California. He learned their languages and lived and traveled with them, usually as the only white man, and brokered dozens of peace agreements before he was killed in a Yuma uprising. Crespí, who traveled up the California coast with Father Junípero Serra, kept meticulous journals of an expedition to reconnoiter the San Francisco Bay area, the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers, and the northern reaches of California’s central valley. This enthralling narrative elevates these Spanish friars to their rightful place in the chronicle of American exploration. It brings their exploits out of the shadow of the American Revolution and Lewis & Clark expedition while also illuminating encounters between European explorers and missionaries and the American Indians who had occupied the Pacific coast for millennia.

What Western Do I Read Next

Filename: what-western-do-i-read-next.pdf
ISBN: 078764479X
Release Date: 1999-08-01
Number of pages: 628
Author: Wayne Barton
Publisher: Gale Cengage

Download and read online What Western Do I Read Next in PDF and EPUB What Western Do I Read Next? describes and indexes approximately 1,900 titles published between 1989 and 1998, providing access to information genre readers need to select their next best read: title, series, author, publisher, characters, locale, time period, plot summary and similar authors.

Frontiersmen in Blue

Filename: frontiersmen-in-blue.pdf
ISBN: 0803295502
Release Date: 1981
Number of pages: 384
Author: Robert Marshall Utley
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

Download and read online Frontiersmen in Blue in PDF and EPUB Frontiersmen in Blue is a comprehensive history of the achievements and failures of the United States Regular and Volunteer Armies that confronted the Indian tribes of the West in the two decades between the Mexican War and the close of the Civil War. Between 1848 and 1865 the men in blue fought nearly all of the western tribes. Robert Utley describes many of these skirmishes in consummate detail, including descriptions of garrison life that was sometimes agonizingly isolated, sometimes caught in the lightning moments of desperate battle.

Finn Burnett frontiersman

Filename: finn-burnett-frontiersman.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015053255983
Release Date: 1936
Number of pages: 378
Author: Robert Beebe David

Download and read online Finn Burnett frontiersman in PDF and EPUB

Charles C Rich Mormon General and Western Frontiersman

Filename: charles-c-rich-mormon-general-and-western-frontiersman.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015026096696
Release Date: 1974
Number of pages: 386
Author: Leonard J. Arrington

Download and read online Charles C Rich Mormon General and Western Frontiersman in PDF and EPUB Biography of Charles Coulson Rich (1809-1883), son of Joseph Rich and Nancy O'Neal and grandson of Thomas and Ann Rich. He became a Mormon convert in 1832, became "... a leader of Mormon defensive forces in Missouri, Illinois and Utah; a leader of colonizing parties in Iowa, Idaho and California." He became a member of the Council of Twelve and was active in politics in both Idaho and Utah. He was born in Kentucky and died in Paris (near Bear Lake), Idaho.

A Texas Ranger and Frontiersman

Filename: a-texas-ranger-and-frontiersman.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015002675455
Release Date: 1932
Number of pages: 254
Author: James Buckner Barry

Download and read online A Texas Ranger and Frontiersman in PDF and EPUB


Filename: frontiersman.pdf
ISBN: UVA:X002195401
Release Date: 1992
Number of pages: 309
Author: Abner Blackburn

Download and read online Frontiersman in PDF and EPUB

Indian Wars and Famous Frontiersmen

Filename: indian-wars-and-famous-frontiersmen.pdf
ISBN: NYPL:33433081750576
Release Date: 1904
Number of pages: 618
Author: Augustus Lynch Mason

Download and read online Indian Wars and Famous Frontiersmen in PDF and EPUB

The Swallowing Wilderness

Filename: the-swallowing-wilderness.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015051117011
Release Date: 1961
Number of pages: 188
Author: Stanton Arthur Coblentz

Download and read online The Swallowing Wilderness in PDF and EPUB

Western Frontiersmen Series

Filename: western-frontiersmen-series.pdf
ISBN: UCAL:$B726979
Release Date: 1975
Number of pages:

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The frontiersmen

Filename: the-frontiersmen.pdf
ISBN: PSU:000000723077
Release Date: 1977
Number of pages: 240
Author: Time-Life Books
Publisher: Time Life Medical

Download and read online The frontiersmen in PDF and EPUB Portrays the people and times, the drama and danger of the developing frontier in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century United States

The Frontiersmen of New York

Filename: the-frontiersmen-of-new-york.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015008573100
Release Date: 1883
Number of pages:
Author: Jeptha Root Simms

Download and read online The Frontiersmen of New York in PDF and EPUB