Introduction to Applied Geophysics

Filename: introduction-to-applied-geophysics.pdf
ISBN: 0393926370
Release Date: 2006
Number of pages: 600
Author: Henry Robert Burger
Publisher: W. W. Norton

Download and read online Introduction to Applied Geophysics in PDF and EPUB Offering a chapter on each of the most common methods of exploration, the text explains in detail how each method is performed and discusses that method s geologic, engineering, and environmental applications. In addition to ample examples, illustrations, and applications throughout, each chapter concludes with a problem set. The text is also accompanied by the Field Geophysics Software Suite, an innovative CD-ROM that allows students to experiment with refraction and reflection seismology, gravity, magnetics, electrical resistivity, and ground-penetrating radar methods of exploration."

Aquifer Characterization Techniques

Filename: aquifer-characterization-techniques.pdf
ISBN: 9783319321370
Release Date: 2016-05-26
Number of pages: 617
Author: Robert G. Maliva
Publisher: Springer

Download and read online Aquifer Characterization Techniques in PDF and EPUB This book presents an overview of techniques that are available to characterize sedimentary aquifers. Groundwater flow and solute transport are strongly affected by aquifer heterogeneity. Improved aquifer characterization can allow for a better conceptual understanding of aquifer systems, which can lead to more accurate groundwater models and successful water management solutions, such as contaminant remediation and managed aquifer recharge systems. This book has an applied perspective in that it considers the practicality of techniques for actual groundwater management and development projects in terms of costs, technical resources and expertise required, and investigation time. A discussion of the geological causes, types, and scales of aquifer heterogeneity is first provided. Aquifer characterization methods are then discussed, followed by chapters on data upscaling, groundwater modelling, and geostatistics. This book is a must for every practitioner, graduate student, or researcher dealing with aquifer characterization .

An Introduction to Forensic Geoscience

Filename: an-introduction-to-forensic-geoscience.pdf
ISBN: 9781405160544
Release Date: 2012-04-30
Number of pages: 482
Author: Elisa Bergslien
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online An Introduction to Forensic Geoscience in PDF and EPUB "Introduces geological fundamentals through medium of forensic science"--

Arid Lands Water Evaluation and Management

Filename: arid-lands-water-evaluation-and-management.pdf
ISBN: 9783642291043
Release Date: 2012-06-09
Number of pages: 1076
Author: Robert Maliva
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

Download and read online Arid Lands Water Evaluation and Management in PDF and EPUB A large part of the global population lives in arid lands which have low rainfall and often lack the water required for sustainable population and economic growth. This book presents a comprehensive description of the hydrogeology and hydrologic processes at work in arid lands. It describes the techniques that can be used to assess and manage the water resources of these areas with an emphasis on groundwater resources, including recent advances in hydrologic evaluation and the differences between how aquifer systems behave in arid lands versus more humid areas. Water management techniques are described and summarized to show how a more comprehensive approach to water management is required in these areas, including the need to be aware of cultural sensitivities and conditions unique to many arid regions. The integration of existing resources with the addition of new water sources, such as desalination of brackish water and seawater, along with reusing treated wastewater, will be required to meet future water supply needs. Also, changing climatic conditions will force water management systems to be more robust so that future water supply demands can be met as droughts become more intense and rainfall events become more intense. A range of water management techniques are described and discussed in order to illustrate the methods for integrating these measures within the context of arid lands conditions.

Geoelectric Methods Theory and Application

Filename: geoelectric-methods-theory-and-application.pdf
ISBN: 9789339221386
Release Date:
Number of pages:
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

Download and read online Geoelectric Methods Theory and Application in PDF and EPUB The book is meant to guide the professionals to understand the (i) physics of the current flow in the earth and its manifestations, and (ii) intricacies of data acquisition, processing, interpretation and modeling for the entire gamut of geoelectrical methods. This book will provide help and guidance to the professionals about the applicability of the various geoelectrical methods to the wide range of specialized problems in the real earth domain. It explains the application of topics related to mathematics, digital data processing, tomography, statistical methods, inversion techniques, etc. This book would cater to the needs of exploration geoscientists dealing with exploration of minerals and ground water, hydrogeologists, geotechnical engineers, civil and mining engineers, researchers, students of applied geophysics/exploration geophysics/geophysics/earth science and professionals dealing with disaster management. FEATURES • Examples of successful implementation in solving real earth problems • Static shif t applicable to DC resistivity data • The groundwater management in drought prone area • Interpretation of SP anomalies using analytic signal, charge and dipole occurrence probabilities Mise-a-la-masse methods, PEXMEL, contact polarization curve methods • Inversion of Geoelectrical Data using Particle Swarm and Ant Colony Optimization Techniques • Mineral discrimination methodology • Special cases for the exploration of hydrocarbons

Dynamics of Complex Intracontinental Basins

Filename: dynamics-of-complex-intracontinental-basins.pdf
ISBN: 9783540850854
Release Date: 2008-08-11
Number of pages: 519
Author: Ralf Littke
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

Download and read online Dynamics of Complex Intracontinental Basins in PDF and EPUB Sedimentary basins host, among others, most of our energy and fresh-water resources: they can be regarded as large geo-reactors in which many physical and chemical processes interact. Their complexity can only be well understood in well-organized interdisciplinary co-operations. This book documents how researchers from different geo-scientific disciplines have jointly analysed the structural, thermal, and sedimentary evolution as well as fluid dynamics of a complex sedimentary basin system which has experienced a variety of activation and reactivation impulses as well as intense salt tectonics. In this book we have summarized our geological, geophysical and geochemical understanding of some of the most important processes affecting sedimentary basins in general and our view on the evolution of one of the largest, best explored and most complex continental sedimentary basins on Earth: The Central European Basin System.

InCIEC 2015

Filename: inciec-2015.pdf
ISBN: 9789811001550
Release Date: 2016-06-18
Number of pages: 1029
Author: Marina Yusoff
Publisher: Springer

Download and read online InCIEC 2015 in PDF and EPUB The special focus of these proceedings is on the areas of infrastructure engineering and sustainability management. They provide detailed information on innovative research developments in construction materials and structures, in addition to a compilation of interdisciplinary findings combining nano-materials and engineering. The coverage of cutting-edge infrastructure and sustainability issues in engineering includes earthquakes, bioremediation, synergistic management, timber engineering, flood management and intelligent transport systems.

Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change Second Edition

Filename: encyclopedia-of-global-warming-and-climate-change-second-edition.pdf
ISBN: 9781412992619
Release Date: 2012-06-29
Number of pages: 1641
Author: S. George Philander
Publisher: SAGE

Download and read online Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change Second Edition in PDF and EPUB Prev. ed. published under title: Encyclopedia of global warming and climate change.

Gravity and Magnetic Exploration

Filename: gravity-and-magnetic-exploration.pdf
ISBN: 9780521871013
Release Date: 2013-03-14
Number of pages: 512
Author: William J. Hinze
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online Gravity and Magnetic Exploration in PDF and EPUB This combination of textbook and reference manual provides a comprehensive account of gravity and magnetic methods for exploring the subsurface using surface, marine, airborne and satellite measurements. It describes key current topics and techniques, physical properties of rocks and other earth materials, and digital data analysis methods used to process and interpret anomalies for subsurface information. Each chapter starts with an overview and concludes by listing key concepts to consolidate new learning. An accompanying website presents problem sets and interactive computer-based exercises, providing hands-on experience of processing, modeling and interpreting data. A comprehensive online suite of full-color case histories illustrates the practical utility of modern gravity and magnetic surveys. This is an ideal text for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses and reference text for research academics and professional geophysicists. It is a valuable resource for all those interested in petroleum, engineering, mineral, environmental, geological and archeological exploration of the lithosphere.

Bering Glacier

Filename: bering-glacier.pdf
ISBN: 9780813724621
Release Date: 2010
Number of pages: 384
Author: Robert Allan Shuchman
Publisher: Geological Society of America

Download and read online Bering Glacier in PDF and EPUB Bering Glacier is the largest surging glacier in the world, having surged at least six times in the last 150 years. With the glacier advancing and retreating as much as 10 km over a surge cycle, it is one of the most physically and biologically dynamic places on Earth. This monograph presents the results of a comprehensive and diverse series of field studies and science investigations at Bering Glacier. The results reported are from a wide range of disciplines, including glaciology, geology, paleogeology, hydrology, limnology, oceanography, tectonics, geomorphology, geophysics, meteorology, remote sensing, climate change, anthropology, and ecological studies pertaining to vegetation, fish, and marine mammals. The compilation of these individual studies into a single publication allows for a more complete understanding of how the approximately 5,000 km2 Bering Glacier system plays a major role in the greater southeastern coastal region of Alaska and through its wastage, its impact on the circulation of the northeast Pacific Ocean and on the global sea level.


Filename: hydrogeology.pdf
ISBN: 9781118738702
Release Date: 2014-04-07
Number of pages: 552
Author: Kevin M. Hiscock
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Hydrogeology in PDF and EPUB Hydrogeology: Principles and Practice provides a comprehensive introduction to the study of hydrogeology to enable the reader to appreciate the significance of groundwater in meeting current and future water resource challenges. This new edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect advances in the field since 2004. The book presents a systematic approach to understanding groundwater. Earlier chapters explain the fundamental physical and chemical principles of hydrogeology, and later chapters feature groundwater investigation techniques in the context of catchment processes, as well as chapters on groundwater quality and contaminant hydrogeology. Unique features of the book are chapters on the applications of environmental isotopes and noble gases in the interpretation of aquifer evolution, and on regional characteristics such as topography, compaction and variable fluid density in the explanation of geological processes affecting past, present and future groundwater flow regimes. The last chapter discusses groundwater resources and environmental management, and examines the role of groundwater in integrated river basin management, including an assessment of possible adaptation responses to the impacts of climate change. Throughout the text, boxes and a set of colour plates drawn from the authors’ teaching and research experience are used to explain special topics and to illustrate international case studies ranging from transboundary aquifers and submarine groundwater discharge to the over-pressuring of groundwater in sedimentary basins. The appendices provide conversion tables and useful reference material, and include review questions and exercises, with answers, to help develop the reader’s knowledge and problem-solving skills in hydrogeology. This accessible textbook is essential reading for undergraduate and graduate students primarily in earth sciences, environmental sciences and physical geography with an interest in hydrogeology or groundwater science. The book will also find use among practitioners in hydrogeology, soil science, civil engineering and planning who are involved in environmental and resource protection issues requiring an understanding of groundwater. Additional resources can be found at:

Earth Science

Filename: earth-science.pdf
Release Date:
Number of pages:
Publisher: PediaPress

Download and read online Earth Science in PDF and EPUB

The Earth

Filename: the-earth.pdf
Release Date:
Number of pages:
Publisher: PediaPress

Download and read online The Earth in PDF and EPUB

Encyclopedia of Global Resources Mineral Leasing Act South Africa

Filename: encyclopedia-of-global-resources-mineral-leasing-act-south-africa.pdf
ISBN: 1587656477
Release Date: 2010
Number of pages: 1504
Author: Craig W. Allin
Publisher: Salem PressInc

Download and read online Encyclopedia of Global Resources Mineral Leasing Act South Africa in PDF and EPUB The topic of our natural resources has become an important issue over the last few years. The abundance of some (and scarcity of others) has sparked many a debate. The four volumes in this set discuss not only the aspects of the resources themselves, but their economic and social impact as well. Plus, complimentary online access is provided through Salem Science.