Artisan Cheese Making at Home

Filename: artisan-cheese-making-at-home.pdf
ISBN: 9781607740445
Release Date: 2011-08-23
Number of pages: 256
Author: Mary Karlin
Publisher: Ten Speed Press

Download and read online Artisan Cheese Making at Home in PDF and EPUB Just a century ago, cheese was still a relatively regional and European phenomenon, and cheese making techniques were limited by climate, geography, and equipment. But modern technology along with the recent artisanal renaissance has opened up the diverse, time-honored, and dynamic world of cheese to enthusiasts willing to take its humble fundamentals—milk, starters, coagulants, and salt—and transform them into complex edibles. Artisan Cheese Making at Home is the most ambitious and comprehensive guide to home cheese making, filled with easy-to-follow instructions for making mouthwatering cheese and dairy items. Renowned cooking instructor Mary Karlin has spent years working alongside the country’s most passionate artisan cheese producers—cooking, creating, and learning the nuances of their trade. She presents her findings in this lavishly illustrated guide, which features more than eighty recipes for a diverse range of cheeses: from quick and satisfying Mascarpone and Queso Blanco to cultured products like Crème Fraîche and Yogurt to flavorful selections like Saffron-Infused Manchego, Irish-Style Cheddar, and Bloomy Blue Log Chèvre. Artisan Cheese Making at Home begins with a primer covering milks, starters, cultures, natural coagulants, and bacteria—everything the beginner needs to get started. The heart of the book is a master class in home cheese making: building basic skills with fresh cheeses like ricotta and working up to developing and aging complex mold-ripened cheeses. Also covered are techniques and equipment, including drying, pressing, and brining, as well as molds and ripening boxes. Last but not least, there is a full chapter on cooking with cheese that includes more than twenty globally-influenced recipes featuring the finished cheeses, such as Goat Cheese and Chive Fallen Soufflés with Herb-Citrus Vinaigrette and Blue Cheese, Bacon, and Pear Galette. Offering an approachable exploration of the alchemy of this extraordinary food, Artisan Cheese Making at Home proves that hand-crafting cheese is not only achievable, but also a fascinating and rewarding process. From the Hardcover edition.

Cheese For Dummies

Filename: cheese-for-dummies.pdf
ISBN: 9781118145524
Release Date: 2012-08-02
Number of pages: 408
Author: Culture Magazine
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Cheese For Dummies in PDF and EPUB An accessible guide to selecting, cooking with, and making cheese From a pungent Gorgonzola to the creamiest Brie, the world of cheese involves a vocabulary of taste second only to wine. With the rise of artisanal cheeses, this once humble food made from curdled milk is now haute cuisine. And to make the new world of cheese less intimidating, Laurel Miller and Thalassa Skinner have created a handy primer to selecting cheese, pairing cheese with wine, cooking with cheese, and making cheese. In Cheese For Dummies, everyday cheese lovers will learn how to become true cheese connoisseurs. Not only will readers get a look at how different cheeses are made around the world, in Cheese For Dummies, they'll develop enough of a palate to discern which cheese is right for them. Explains how to assemble the perfect cheese plate Includes recipes for cooking with cheese Details how to make five cheeses, including Mozzarella, Chevre, and Ricotta Supplemented with a 16-page photo insert With artisanal and imported cheeses now common to mainstream grocery stores, the everyday cheese lover needs more than simply his nose to make the best choice. Offering wise (and delicious!) advice on every page, Cheese For Dummies is a guide for anyone interested in making every mealtime with cheese a special occasion.

The Oxford Companion to Cheese

Filename: the-oxford-companion-to-cheese.pdf
ISBN: 9780199330898
Release Date: 2016-10-25
Number of pages:
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Download and read online The Oxford Companion to Cheese in PDF and EPUB The discovery of cheese is a narrative at least 8,000 years old, dating back to the Neolithic era. Yet, after all of these thousands of years we are still finding new ways to combine the same four basic ingredients - milk, bacteria, salt, and enzymes - into new and exciting products with vastly different shapes, sizes, and colors, and equally complex and varied tastes, textures, and, yes, aromas. In fact, after a long period of industrialized, processed, and standardized cheese, cheesemakers, cheesemongers, affineurs, and most of all consumers are rediscovering the endless variety of cheeses across cultures. The Oxford Companion to Cheese is the first major reference work dedicated to cheese, containing 855 A-Z entries on cheese history, culture, science, and production. From cottage cheese to Camembert, from Gorgonzola to Gruy?re, there are entries on all of the major cheese varieties globally, but also many cheeses that are not well known outside of their region of production. The concentrated whey cheeses popular in Norway, brunost, are covered here, as are the traditional Turkish and Iranian cheeses that are ripened in casings prepared from sheep's or goat's skin. There are entries on animal species whose milk is commonly (cow, goat, sheep) and not so commonly (think yak, camel, and reindeer) used in cheesemaking, as well as entries on a few highly important breeds within each species, such as the Nubian goat or the Holstein cow. Regional entries on places with a strong history of cheese production, biographies of influential cheesemakers, innovative and influential cheese shops, and historical entries on topics like manorial cheesemaking and cheese in children's literature round out the Companion's eclectic cultural coverage. The Companion also reflects a fascination with the microbiology and chemistry of cheese, featuring entries on bacteria, molds, yeasts, cultures, and coagulants used in cheesemaking and cheese maturing. The blooms, veins, sticky surfaces, gooey interiors, crystals, wrinkles, strings, and yes, for some, the odors of cheese are all due to microbial action and growth. And today we have unprecedented insight into the microbial complexity of cheese, thanks to advances in molecular biology, whole-genome sequencing technologies, and microbiome research. The Companion is equally interested in the applied elements of cheesemaking, with entries on production methodologies and the technology and equipment used in cheesemaking. An astonishing 325 authors contributed entries to the Companion, residing in 35 countries. These experts included cheesemakers, cheesemongers, dairy scientists, anthropologists, food historians, journalists, archaeologists, and on, from backgrounds as diverse as the topics they write about. Every entry is signed by the author, and includes both cross references to related topics and further reading suggestions. The endmatter includes a list of cheese-related museums and a thorough index. Two 16-page color inserts and well over a hundred black and white images help bring the entries to life. This landmark encyclopedia is the most wide-ranging, comprehensive, and reliable reference work on cheese available, suitable for both novices and industry insiders alike.

Die Kunst des Fermentierens

Filename: die-kunst-des-fermentierens.pdf
ISBN: 3864452376
Release Date: 2015-09-04
Number of pages: 621
Author: Sandor Ellix Katz

Download and read online Die Kunst des Fermentierens in PDF and EPUB

Zerrissenes Herz

Filename: zerrissenes-herz.pdf
ISBN: 9783862784363
Release Date: 2012-07-10
Number of pages: 432
Author: Susan Wiggs
Publisher: HarperCollins

Download and read online Zerrissenes Herz in PDF and EPUB Es gibt Tage am Willow Lake, da ist der Wind so still und das Wasser so ruhig, dass man nur den eigenen Herzschlag hört. Auch Daisy Bellamy lauscht, doch sie kann anhand des Klopfens nicht herausfinden, für wen ihr Herz stärker schlägt. Für den verantwortungsvollen Logan, den Vater ihres Sohnes? Oder den abenteuerlustigen Justin, den sie seit ihrer Jugend liebt? Diese Entscheidung wird ihr auf schicksalhafte Weise abgenommen. Daisy stürzt sich in ihre Arbeit als Fotografin - und in die Arme des Mannes, der ihr und ihrem Sohn ein stabiles Zuhause geben kann. Langsam kehrt eine gewisse Ruhe in ihr Herz und in ihr Leben ein. Bis mit einem Mal der Mann vor ihr steht, den sie nie vergessen konnte. Wie wird sie sich jetzt entscheiden?

Pfade in Utopia

Filename: pfade-in-utopia.pdf
ISBN: OCLC:256406610
Release Date: 1986
Number of pages: 476
Author: Martin Buber

Download and read online Pfade in Utopia in PDF and EPUB

Das grosse Buch vom Fermentieren

Filename: das-grosse-buch-vom-fermentieren.pdf
ISBN: 303800877X
Release Date: 2015-09-15
Number of pages: 256
Author: Mary Karlin

Download and read online Das grosse Buch vom Fermentieren in PDF and EPUB

T dliche Gier Wegners schwerste F lle 8 Teil

Filename: t-dliche-gier-wegners-schwerste-f-lle-8-teil.pdf
ISBN: 9783736896888
Release Date: 2017-10-25
Number of pages: 148
Author: Thomas Herzberg
Publisher: BookRix

Download and read online T dliche Gier Wegners schwerste F lle 8 Teil in PDF and EPUB Tödliche Gier: In den Hamburger Braun-Kliniken sterben Patienten unter mysteriösen Umständen. Was auf den ersten Blick wie eine verhängnisvolle Panne aussieht, entpuppt sich schnell als tödliche Sabotage. Während die Chefetage der Kliniken die Fälle zu vertuschen versucht, liegt es in erster Linie an den Kommissaren Detlef Busch und Frank Schilling, die Verantwortlichen dingfest zu machen. Wegner hat derweil mit einer Fülle anderer Probleme zu kämpfen. Die Jagd auf Stefan Hausers Mörder lässt ihm keine Ruhe. Aber auch privat ziehen Gewitterwolken auf ...(Jeder Wegner-Fall ist eine in sich abgeschlossene Geschichte. Aber natürlich kann es nicht schaden, wenn man auch die vorangegangenen Fälle kennt ...;) Lektorat/Korrektorat: Michael Lohmann - Aus der Reihe Wegners erste Fälle: »Eisiger Tod« (Teil 1) »Feuerprobe« (Teil 2) »Blinde Wut« (Teil 3) »Auge um Auge« (Teil 4) »Das Böse« (Teil 5) »Alte Sünden« (Teil 6) »Vergeltung« (Teil 7) Aus der Reihe Wegner & Hauser (Hamburg: Mord) »Mausetot« (Teil 1) »Psycho« (Teil 2) Aus der Reihe Wegners schwerste Fälle: »Der Hurenkiller« (Teil 1) »Der Hurenkiller - das Morden geht weiter ...« (Teil 2) »Franz G. - Thriller« (Teil 3) »Blutige Rache« (Teil 4) »ErbRache« (Teil 5) »Blutiger Kiez« (Teil 6) »Mörderisches Verlangen« (Teil 7) »Tödliche Gier« (Teil 8) »Auftrag: Mord« (Teil 9) »Ruhe in Frieden« (Teil 10) Aus der Reihe Wegners letzte Fälle: »Kaltes Herz« (Teil 1) »Skrupellos« (Teil 2) »Kaltblütig« (Teil 3) »Ende gut, alles gut« (Teil 4) »Mord: Inklusive« (Teil 5) Weitere Titel aus der Reihe Auftrag: Mord!: »Der Schlitzer« (Teil 1) »Deutscher Herbst« (Teil 2) »Silvana« (Teil 3) Unter meinem Pseudonym "Thore Holmberg": »Marthas Rache« (Schweden-Thriller) »XIII« (Thriller) Weitere Titel: »Zwischen Schutt und Asche« (Nachkriegs-Krimi) »E.S.K.E.: Blutrausch« (Serienstart E.S.K.E.) »Ansonsten lächelt nur der Tod« (unter meinem neuen Pseudonym "Trevor Hill") Noch mehr Bücher, aktuelle Informationen und einen Newsletter-Service findet ihr auf meiner Homepage:

Tasting Wine and Cheese

Filename: tasting-wine-and-cheese.pdf
ISBN: 9781631590672
Release Date: 2015-10-01
Number of pages: 160
Author: Adam Centamore

Download and read online Tasting Wine and Cheese in PDF and EPUB "Tasting Wine and Cheese explains how to taste, evaluate and appreciate wine and cheese, helping you learn how 'taste' works, how to think about food and wine in general, and how to bring them together in combinations that will bring a smile to your face! But, learning is only half the fun. Tasting Wine and Cheese accompanies you on a tasty safari into pairing principles through individual chapters that highlight wines and the cheeses that love them. Each chapter (sparkling, white, red and dessert/fortified) presents individual wine types in a clear, informative way that is at once an excellent reference and entertaining. Simply look up the grape you're drinking that night, and a wealth of pairing information is at your fingertips. There's even a chapter on using condiments in your pairings to add another layer of flavor to your combinations"

Bones die Knochenj gerin tief begraben

Filename: bones-die-knochenj-gerin-tief-begraben.pdf
ISBN: 3442367379
Release Date: 2007-01
Number of pages: 285
Author: Max Allan Collins

Download and read online Bones die Knochenj gerin tief begraben in PDF and EPUB


Filename: grabeshauch.pdf
ISBN: 9783423405928
Release Date: 2011-01-01
Number of pages: 320
Author: Charlaine Harris
Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag

Download and read online Grabeshauch in PDF and EPUB Teil 4 der Serie Harper Connelly, die Tote aufspürende junge Frau, wird diesmal nicht nur mit einem geheimnisvollen Todesfall konfrontiert, sondern auch mit ihrer Vergangenheit. Während sie in Texas auftragsgemäß dem Tod eines reichen Patriarchen nachspürt, erfährt ihr scheinbarer Stiefbruder und Lebensgefährte Tolliver, dass sein Vater aus dem Gefängnis entlassen wurde. Harper fürchtet den manipulativen Mann, der sich wieder in ihr Leben drängt. Doch endlich wird das Geheimnis um ihre verschwundene Schwester Cameron gelüftet.