Binary options non deposit bonuses

When it comes to business, a businessman or a company will do anything to attract customers and keep them. To do this, the binary options no deposit bonus or NDB for short is a technique used in the world of trade. NDB can also be referred to as free money and it is a technique where a binary options broker adds money (known as a bonus) to your trading account without you making a deposit. Sounds good doesn’t it? Who doesn’t like the idea of getting money without having to do anything to get that money? However, is binary options no deposit bonus something you should partake in or is it something you should stay clear of?

When you think about bonus, you know that it is something that is conditional and normally attached to deposits of a certain amount. When you make a deposit,you get a bonus in most cases and on most sites, right? Bonuses are given to enhance trade and brokers will give traders bonuses to make it possible for them to trade a bit more than they would have normally. This bonus, which allows for more trades, can also be referred to as free trades because as a trader, you can trade without making a deposit. However, do not for one believe that you are the only one benefiting from bonuses; the brokers get their fair share as well because they make commissions the more times you trade. So, this is a win, win situation right?

  • How do these no deposit bonuses work?

    The internet makes many things such as videos, commercials, and of course promotions viral and yes before you ask NDBs are a form of promotion. Brokers are smart and they know that the internet will get what they want to whom they want it in no time and that is the basic reason behind NDBs. The more traders a broker have, the more money they make and the more free trades they give…yes, now you understand. Who doesn’t like to get free stuff?To get these NDBs however you will, in most cases, have to participate in contests that are related to trade. This is a strategy for new era, technology savvy people, like myself, who does not like to see pop-ups advertising a particular trading platform or anything for that matter. These no deposit bonuses have a catch to it however and I know you have been waiting for it. This “catch” varies from broker to broker but most will say you need to invite a certain amount of friends before you can get the bonus and now, in the days of social network, like or share their page.

    Whatever, the fine print is when it comes to claiming these bonuses, they are worth it in most cases and many top name brokers have employed this strategy to increase the number of traders that uses their sites on a daily basis.

    When looking for free trades, the below brokers are some of the top players when it comes to NDBs. As was mentioned before, NDBs are very popular and there is nothing wrong with participating in these contests once you are doing it with a trustworthy and reputable broker.

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