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Binary Options caught our attention 3 years ago. When trading platforms like Spot Option, Trade Financials and Tradologic first hit the scene.

One of the first brokers we traded at was Bull Options, let’s be honest it was “Just Okay” nothing special. However more and more brokers have appeared and more websites regarding this new market are online. One such good service is which is a good forum to meet and discuss trading with other traders.

We each have a back ground in trading and love the internet so we decided to build a portal dedicated to the subject of Binary Options.

We currently have 2 staff writers who add financial news and opinions to the website weekly.

Please meet Dan :
Dan Hardy originally from the UK, lives in Singapore and is a fulltime IB. When not writing for Binary Options Blue Book he is normally clubbing and drinking Grey Goose whilst listening to his favorite DJ Tiesto.

He is an Avid football fan (soccer for you American’s lol ) and his home team is Watford FC, fortunately for Dan his Trading is more successful than his football team lol …… Sorry Dan:)
Dan can be contacted on Face book.
Or E-mail :

Please meet Jessica:
Jessica Rowley Is the newest addition to our team.
Jessica is younger and pretty her than Dan, has a Master of Business Administration – Marketing from Lakeland, Florida.

Jessica also contributes with articles but her main job will be to secure exclusive bonuses with as many Binary Option Brokers as possible that we promote on the site.

For any more information please feel free to contact us at adveritsing( at)